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This is a master list of most of my fic.

If you are looking for Harry Potter fanfiction: This tag hp fanfiction has most of my HP fic but not all of it. I'm too lazy to organize it and not in fandom at all anymore. ♥

The list is sorted through main pairings. Please look at header for complete list of side pairings in the fic. If the story is above 11K, you can now read them at my ao3 account for your convenience.


a love that won't sit still: NC-17
3,400 words
Prompt: And I never wanted anything from you
Except everything you had and what was left after that too, oh.
Written for [ profile] mardia.

Verbal Calisthenics (English Majors Do It With Pulchritude): NC-17
Summary: Chris figures his love life out... it's like rainbows but gayer.
Written for [ profile] royal_chandler.

annihilation: NC-17
Summary: Dancer from the Dance.
Written for [ profile] roflolmaomg

Script: PG-13
Summary: The weight of words.

shark (ghost of a shark)
Summary: A queer bildungsroman
Written for [ profile] roflolmaomg and [ profile] rpf_big_bang


Gun Porn: NC-17
Summary: The title is self explanatory.

Monster: NC-17
Prompt: There was a monster in my bed… he tore my clothes right off, he ate my heart and then he ate my brain.

Trying to Remember Your Name: PG-13
Summary: Post-movie, a look at getting back to normal through Leonard McCoy's eyes.

I'm So In Love, I Practically Shit Glitter: NC-17
Summary: Jim has a bad day… and like everything he experiences, he involves Bones and ridiculousness.
(This is two parts, there is a link at the bottom of part one to take you to part two.)

Obligatory Ice Planet Story: PG-13
Summary: The title is self explanatory.

Crush: NC-17
Summary: After getting back to Earth after the Narada, everyone is adjusting to the severity of life. Jim sees something he wishes he never would have that ignites feelings he would have rather liked to ignore just a little bit longer.

Five Ways Starfleet Adjusted to Jim Kirk and One Way He Adjusted To Starfleet: R
Summary: The title is self explanatory.

A Doctor's Demands: NC-17
Summary: Chekov has missed his monthly physical. Again.


Incomplete Curriculum: NC-17
Summary: You're in a car with a beautiful boy, and he won't tell you that he loves you, but he loves you. And you feel like you've done something terrible, like robbed a liquor store, or swallowed pills, or shoveled yourself a grave in the dirt, and you're tired. You're in a car with a beautiful boy, and you're trying not to ell him that you love him, and you're trying to choke down the feeling, and you're trembling, but he reaches over and he touches you, like a prayer for which no words exist, and you feel your heart taking root in your body, lie you've discovered something you don't even have a name for. - Richard Siken, "You are Jeff", Section 24.


Sir DAT ASS: NC-17
Summary: Ass worship.
Written for [ profile] nuclearsugars

Entry 1 for Summerpornathon (TEAMENVY): NC-17
Summary: Wing!fic.

Hey Big!Spender: R/NC-17
Summary:Merlin gets suspenders. (Thinly veiled plot divice for porn is well, thinly veiled.)
Written for [ profile] latenightcuppa

Entry 3 for Summerpornathon (TEAMENVY): NC-17
Summary: Merlin/Leon. Object insertion.

Missed Connections (Glory, Glory, Holelelujah: NC-17)
Summary: Glory-hole romantic comedy.
Written for [ profile] paperlegends with art by the great [ profile] sillyshy and podficced by the magnificent [ profile] thisissirius

King Of Hearts: PG-13/R
Summary: Death and Merlin have a very interesting relationship.

Heartbeats: NC-17
Summary: Being a medical student is hard. Puns totally intended.
Written for [ profile] merlin_muses

Fall From Grace: NC-17
Summary: The heat of summer won't leave and it's up to Merlin to help or Camelot's citizens might starve. Set in the year between Season 2 and Season 3.
Written for [ profile] camelots_closet.

King of Queens: PG-13
Summary: King Arthur is throwing a fit.
Written for [ profile] thisissirius

Breeches: NC-17
Summary: Arthur is driving Merlin to distraction WITH HIS CROTCH.
Written for [ profile] eloquent_toast

Magical Healing: PG-13ish
Summary: Arthur is sick and Merlin takes care of him.
Written for [ profile] shadecat

Bookshop AU: NC-17
Summary: Gwaine watches Merlin and Arthur fuck.
Written for [ profile] ravyn_ashling

Picture Maker: NC-17
Summary: Hipster: a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter. Hipster: a group of people Arthur Pendragon despises.
Written for [ profile] merlin_holidays

Insubordination: NC-17
Written for [ profile] blameitonmerlin

The One Where Gwaine Gets Cockblocked by Destiny: NC-17
Summary: Gwaine is supposed to be getting some sexy-times with Merlin. He doesn't understand why that isn't happening and he's going to find out, dammit.
Written for [ profile] winterstorrm

Teenage Dream: NC-17
Summary: "Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight."- Katy Perry
Written for [ profile] onelittlesleep

Rivers 'til I Reach You: NC-17
Summary: Sometimes Merlin gets lost and he needs to be guided back home.
Written for [ profile] lolafeist

With Love From Camelot: NC-17
Summary: Coronation!fic: wherein Arthur misses Merlin's bum, Merlin feels like destiny is screwing with him and James, Arthur's new manservant, gets an eyeful of the crown jewels. (Or, why no one in Camelot goes to a whorehouse because all they have to do is go to court instead--except Gwaine, but he likes the architecture and it reminds him of his mum.)
Written for [ profile] lolafeist

Sadder Than You: PG-13
Summary: A future ficlet in which Merlin has a no good, very bad day and Arthur is there, because where else would he be?
Written for [ profile] leashy_bebes and [ profile] hermette

You Are Something (I'm Good At): Rish
Summary: Modern (American) AU: Arthur's fairly sure he's in love with Merlin (who has a no underwear rule on the sofa), Morgana yells a lot (but it's because she loves a lot) and everyone gets a happy ending.
Written for [ profile] samsamtastic

Every Morning (With You): NC-17
Summary: Set sometime after You Are Something (I'm Good At), where it's mostly just mindless fluff and sex because Merlin loves waking up next to Arthur.
Written for [ profile] samsamtastic

With The Words That Rapture Left: NC-17
Summary: In the aftermath of war, Camelot must rebuild and find a path to the future. Merlin struggles with his place in the new reign of King Arthur, both in regards to his magic and his heart. With a little help from his friends, Merlin will find his destiny and help unite all the people of Albion along the way.
Written for [ profile] tracy7307

The Gift Boy: NC-17
Summary: King Arthur is presented with a gift that will tempt him far beyond anything he has ever experienced before. (Or the one where Merlin's a boy Druid, shamelessly wants Arthur's cock and Arthur just sort of freaks out all over the place. Also, there are orgasms.)

7 PThon Entries: NC-17
750 words each
Summary: All seven of my entries for [ profile] summerpornathon's 2011 extravaganza. None of the extended versions are in this post, simply the versions that were posted at the community.

Hunger For You: NC-17
Summary: This is a story about boys who love each other, who also love their dicks and what comes out of them. (I wanted to say ‘lovejuice’ but I refrained. Aren’t you glad?)

Long As You Got Me (You Won't Need Nobody): NC-17
Summary: Merlin can have whatever he likes and Arthur puts his big boy in their lives.


Method Acting (yeah, i call it living)
Summary:Colin angsts, Bradley is confused and there is making out in the rain.
Written for [ profile] sillyshy

Give and Take
Summary: Katie McGrath is hot and loves to torture Bradley James. Obviously.
Written for [ profile] auctorial

Boyfriend: NC-17
Summary: Beard porn, kids.
Written for [ profile] eloquent_toast

The Sexual Education of Bradley James: NC-17
Summary: Turns out, Bradley's a filthy bottom. JUST LIKE EMILY SAID.
Written for [ profile] hermette

The Edge of Glory: NC-17
Summary: Colin is inspired by the red cape Bradley wears as King Arthur.
Written for [ profile] eloquent_toast

My Roots Are Grown (And I Don't Know Where They Are): NC-17
Summary: Some super filthy porn. Like, okay, I don't even fucking know okay? Just, the boys really love each other and Bradley has needs and Colin just wants to give those to him not matter what, alright?
Written for [ profile] slowdead


ineffable: Rish
Summary: This is a character study. This is a story about kissing.
Written for [ profile] roflolmaomg

Eames' Fucking Ace Plan or How Eames Finally Conned Arthur into Sleeping With Him: R/NC-17ish
Summary: Eames has feelings, there is a Five Step Plan (where Eames is awesome) and Arthur just fucking rolls with it. .
Written for [ profile] fakebody

Words for Dreamers: Rish
Summary: Richard Siken.

Dream a Little Dream (Of Me): R/NC-17
Summary: Arthur has inner lesbian rage or a fic in which dreams are really fucking with Arthur's delicate repression.
Written for [ profile] thisissirius

Baby, We're Natural Born Killers: Rish
Summary: Arthur gets to office, only to find Eames hanging out with some dead bodies. Business as usual.
Written for [ profile] latenightcuppa.

Shameless: NC-17
Summary:Eames is having difficultly focusing (because Arthur fucked him like a stallion, a stallion I tell you).
Written for [ profile] cherrybina's Ass worship fest. I don't. even. know.

Sploogetastic (What, What: In The Butt): NC-17
Summary: This is a story wherein Arthur is a bastard, Eames is in love, Ariadne is taking over the world with her vocabulary and Yusuf is the only one with any dignity left to lose. This is a love story.
Written for [ profile] cherrybina's Inception Kink fest. Anon prompted it and I just ran away with it. ♥

Frankie Says (Get Your Shit Together, You Emotionally Constipated Jackass): NC-17
Summary: Eames learns that Arthur knows how to say Slurpee in French... among other things.
Written for [ profile] i_reversebang


Oh, What Big Hands You Have!: NC-17
Summary: Esca is a fucking hipster, he owns this fucking town and he's looking to get fucked and wear a cardigan. Holla.


It Ain't Me Babe (Nah), It Ain't Me You're Looking For (Babe): NC-17
Summary: A story in which Danny makes lists and can't find his heterosexuality underneath all his homogay, Steve has a lot of faces, Kono is perfect in every way and Chin continues to keep Hawaii safe from the Five-O's general disfunction—Or, a story about Kono being awesome and how she likes her men with hearts in their eyes for each other.

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