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Title: My Roots Are Grown (And I Don't Know Where They Are)
Author: [ profile] tourdefierce
Pairing: Bradley/Colin, established relationship
Summary: Some super filthy porn. Like, okay, I don't even fucking know okay? Just, the boys really love each other and Bradley has needs and Colin just wants to give those to him not matter what, alright?
Word Count: 1,673 (I CAN DO SHORT FIC. DAMMIT.)
Warnings: UNBETA'D, language, unprotected sex in a monogamous relationship, rough sex, crying during sex, choking on cock, finger, comeplay, some twisted sort of somnophilia and maybe some mild D/s? Maybe? I dunno. JUST. IT'S PORN AND IT HAPPENS AND FUCK, YOU GUYS, IT'S NAUGHTY.
Notes: So, apparently, it's international porn day? I don't know. All I know is that [ profile] slowdead was like, WRITE PORN and so I thought about how I was supposed to be writing other things but how it was stressing me out because plot is hard and then I thought about how my flist isn't having the best of days (I'm looking at you [ profile] leashy_bebes). So, I can't do anything from here but write porn to make it better. SO WHY DON'T YOU JUST READ SOME FLUFFY, BLOW JOB PORN AND GET AWAY FROM ME.

For you, flist. Eat your heart out.

I hope this brightens your day )

Yeah. That happened.
Forgive me?
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Title: The Edge of Glory
Author: [ profile] tourdefierce
Pairing: Colin/Bradley (Merlin RPF)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slight D/s, bondage, slight breath play, unprotected sex in a monogamous relationship, talk of bloodplay and fisting, intense fluff, bottom!Bradley, language and a brief mention of sex toys. This fic fully lives out its warnings. You have been warned. (God. If I missed any warnings, PLEASE PM ME.)
Word Count: 7,000 (embarrassing)
Summary: Colin is inspired by the red cape Bradley wears as King Arthur.
Author’s Note: Um, once again, this is all [ profile] eloquent_toast’s fault. It was her birthday this past week and so, because she’s so lovely, I wrote filthy porn. It’s obscenely long and ridiculous and I’m a little embarrassed. Many thanks to [ profile] vesperdivum and [ profile] lemniciate for the beta work, because this fic needed it. All remaining mistakes are mine. The title was shamelessly stolen from Lady Gaga and I’ve been listening to the live, piano only version of this song on repeat for days (I would link you, but youtube has taken it down). ♥ I do hope that you all enjoy this massive porny ficlet.

The cape this entire fic is based on this photo from S4. (I don't think it's spoilery. It's just Arthur in a cape, being a royal BAMF but click at your own risk.)

cape!porn is always the answer. )

♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Saturday.
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Title: The Sexual Education of Bradley James
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Bradley/Colin
Warnings: Dirty talk, rimming (and all sorts of other naughty things), FLUFF and thinly veiled plot as a means to FILTHY FUCKING PORN.
Word count: 2,771
Summary: Turns out, Bradley's a filthy bottom. JUST LIKE EMILY SAID.
Author's Note: This was written for [ profile] hermette's prompt: I want Colin to rim Bradley until he cries. I made that happen. This was for the B/C comment fest over at [ profile] moonilicious's journal.

In which, rimming is always the answer. )
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Title: Boyfriend
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Bradley/Colin
Warnings: Dirty talk, beard!abuse, rimming (and all sorts of other naughty things), FLUFF and thinly veiled plot as a means to FILTHY FUCKING PORN.
Word count: 3,772
Summary: It's beard porn kids. I'm not sure what else to say.
Author's Note: [ profile] eloquent_toast draws amazing porn. I know. So, as a reward for drawing amazing porn I wrote her beard!porn. I hate Bradley's beard, so I got rid of it... with the power of Colin's dick. Obviously

A big thank you to [ profile] dreamdustmama for betaing.


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Title: Method Acting (yeah, i call it living)
Author: [ profile] tourdefierce
Pairing: Bradley/Colin
Rating: R for language I guess.
Warnings: FLUFF. OMG THE FLUFF with a side-dish of angsty!Colin, who pines. Not beta'd so just deal with my commas. DEAL WITH THEM.
Word Count: 1,900ish
Summary: Colin angsts, Bradley is confused and there is making out in the rain.
Disclaimer: This is lies, obviously.
A/N: This is a gift for [ profile] sillyshy, who not only is one hot mother fucker but an amazing writer and artist. She drew for my [ profile] paperlegends fic Missed Connections (Glory, Glory, Holelelujah). She was also the most amazing friend during all my spastic moments. Darling, I hope you enjoy this. The prompt was: making out in the rain.

For Lou! )

Remember to head over to her art post, found right here and lavish it with the attention it deserves.


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