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Title: Sadder Than You
Author: [ profile] tourdefierce
Rating: PG-13 (shush you.)
Warnings: Angst? Language? So much fluff that your heart might actually explode out of your body? Unbeta'd? Yes. All of those.
Summary: A future ficlet in which Merlin has a no good, very bad day and Arthur is there, because where else would he be?
Word count: 1200
Notes: [ profile] leashy_bebes was having feelings and so was [ profile] hermette. So I wrote fic because I was having feelings too and I always write fic when I can project my emotions onto the characters. Also, I wasn't wearing pants.

feelings. so many emo!wizard feelings )

God. That was so fluffy that the only thing it's missing is a kitten:
Not anymore.
Feel better, flist.
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Title: King of Queens
Author: [ profile] tourdefierce
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Fluff, so much fluff that your eyes might melt of it. Un-beta'd. Mention of non-sexual Arthur/Gwen and future!fic
Word Count: 1,856
Summary: King Arthur is throwing a fit.
Disclaimer: This is lies, obviously.
A/N: For [ profile] thisissirius for the picture under the cut and whom I promised to write pouty!Arthur.

King of Queens )
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Title: King of Hearts
Rating: PG-13 (Or R if you are sensitive to language)
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Warnings: Angst heavy, language, destiny-fuckery, not beta'd
Word count: 700ish.
Author's Note: I'm writing this instead of death!fic. I know. I'm feeling shitty, the weather is gloomy, and I have a test tomorrow. Humor me.

Follow the angst!whore )

Rawr. My inner lesbian rage is surfacing and I want it to go away. I'm getting a little sick. I'm missing things that are missing and it's raining.
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Title: Give and Take
Author: [ profile] tourdefierce
Pairing: Katie McGrath, Colin/Bradley
Rating: R for language I guess.
Warnings: Fluff, so much fluff that your eyes might melt of it. Un-beta'd
Word Count: 1,031
Summary: Katie McGrath is hot and loves to torture Bradley James. Obviously.
Disclaimer: This is lies, obviously.
A/N: [ profile] auctorial helped me beta my [ profile] paperlegends's fic and she gave me the prompt of Katie McGrath being hot for her thank-you fic. This is my ode to the power of Katie McGrath.

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Title: Method Acting (yeah, i call it living)
Author: [ profile] tourdefierce
Pairing: Bradley/Colin
Rating: R for language I guess.
Warnings: FLUFF. OMG THE FLUFF with a side-dish of angsty!Colin, who pines. Not beta'd so just deal with my commas. DEAL WITH THEM.
Word Count: 1,900ish
Summary: Colin angsts, Bradley is confused and there is making out in the rain.
Disclaimer: This is lies, obviously.
A/N: This is a gift for [ profile] sillyshy, who not only is one hot mother fucker but an amazing writer and artist. She drew for my [ profile] paperlegends fic Missed Connections (Glory, Glory, Holelelujah). She was also the most amazing friend during all my spastic moments. Darling, I hope you enjoy this. The prompt was: making out in the rain.

For Lou! )

Remember to head over to her art post, found right here and lavish it with the attention it deserves.
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Title: script
Author: [ profile] tourdefierce
Pairing: Karl/Chris
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: RPS, angst, LGBTQ issues
Word Count: 1250
Disclaimer: This is lies, obviously.
A/N: Um. This is different? Beware. I'm curious to see what you all think.

Read more... )
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Title: annihilation
Pairing: Karl/Chris
Rating: PG-13ish
Warnings: RPS, angst, drug use
Word Count: 1700ish
Disclaimer: This is lies, obviously.
A/N: This is for [ profile] roflolmaomg. Some parts stolen from Dancer from the Dance.

Hey, hey baby this is for you. )
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Title:Obligatory Ice Planet Story
Author: [ profile] loony4lupin
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: Language. That's about it. Fluff.
Word Count: 3,500ish
Summary: The title pretty much has it.
A/N: I hope you all enjoy this part of your advent, written for [ profile] space_wrapped.

Obligatory Ice Planet Fic! )


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